Informed decisions and action in the age of climate change

What moves us

Humanity has the science and most of the technology to stop the climate crisis. What is missing for effective climate protection measures at all levels is a deep, even emotional, understanding of how it will soon be affected, of one’s own share and of fair and effective options for action.
SCIARA and all of our partners and supporters use the best of climate and social science in an online simulation to convey this awareness in a low-threshold and playful way and thus enable people in all positions and in all areas to communicate and act move.
SCIARA is politically and ideologically independent and neutral.

SCIARA's current core team*

Almost all men? Unfortunately yes. But we want to hire more employees, especially women. See jobs.
The fact that we are only men at the moment is more of a coincidence. Historically, SCIARA had a high proportion of women in the team for an IT-focused company.

In the Beginning was the Idea

What if you could access otherwise inaccessible

scientific models and data from real people in a simulation? And thus give them the factual and emotional basis for better decisions in favor of the climate?

After 30 years in the software industry, SCIARA’s founder Daniel Tamberg, father of three children and friends with several top climate scientists, wanted to use his skills to do something about escalating climate change.

Together with entrepreneur Dr. Sebastian Kutscha, he founded SCIARA GmbH in July 2020 as an impact-oriented rather than profit-oriented company and succeeded in bringing six medium-sized premium IT companies on board through Sebastian’s network. They formed the initial team that developed the first prototype within six months.

This was followed by crowdfunding, funding from the German Federal Environmental Foundation, climate time trips in Russia via the German Embassy in Moscow (the war put an abrupt end to this), a successful effectiveness study on the Climate Time Machine at PIK, several almost successful EU funding applications,despite several team reorganizations, continuous further development, lots of climate time trips, including to Egypt, the Potsdam Climate Prize, Sebastian’s retirement, funding from the Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the entry of two business angel investors after the decision to commercialize SCIARA in order to scale it up more quickly.

SCIARA’s Climate Time Machine has been conceived, designed, programmed, tested, experienced, played, analyzed, understood, further developed, adapted, deepened, improved, expanded, enthusiastically brought into the world, disseminated, criticized, praised, supported, questioned, confirmed and, last but not least, financed by sooo many people since it was founded.

To do this, SCIARA needed idea generators, founders, notaries, mentors, managing directors, co-founders, scientists, researchers, software architects, software engineers, testers, product Owners, Scrum Masters, consultants of all kinds, conceptual designers, graphic designers, supporters, editors, enablers, sales partners, agencies, social media managers, crowdfunders, investors , networkers and many more.

The progress of the Climate Time Machine over the years: from hand-drawn impression to illustration to 3D model.

Supporters to date, Alan, Sebastian, Ute, Max, Andreas, Susanne, Daniel, Jobst, Kai, Anita, Jonathan, Ilona, Johan, Evie, Johannes, Luana, Dimitrios, Martina, Ragna, Eva, Peter, Birgit, Carlo, Michael, Katie, Marc, Uli, Julian, Tobias, Konrad, Esther, Andreas, Nils, Anxo, Doreen, Ottmar, Aneta, Julian, Keith, Josep, Vegard, Dietrich, Tim, Sinah, Nathalie, Kevin, Valentin, Giulia, Klaus, Ira, Grit, Adrian, Lea, Olaf, Ulrike, Volker, Sebastian, Ulrike, Severin, Nils, Monika, Oussama, Filip, Quyen, Volkmar, Lennart, Birgit, Paul, Franz-Ferdinand, Imke, Petar, Stefan, Sven, Annika, Andreas, Hosain, Kai, Michael, Matthias, Ben, Maria, Anne, Siegfried, Alexandra, Christopher, Dieter, David, Guna, Tobias, Alexander, Ricarda, Allan, Robert, Daniel, Katie, Delovan, Sandra, Woj, Andrej, Sigrun, Gunter, Dirk, Korbinian, Mohammed, Jacob, Serena, Wolfgang und viele mehr.

Thanks to you all!

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