Climate Time Travel

Immerse yourself. Gain insight. Experience. Act.

A glimpse into the future.

The Climate Time Machine shows them their living environment as a single-family house or an old or new apartment. Inside, you can set your lifestyle preferences, participate in votes on political measures, and see the effects of climate change as alterations in vegetation, climate news from around the world, and presented as facts and figures.

Quick video overview

In just a few minutes, the video gives you an impression of how the Climate Time Machine works.

Explore what difference you can make.

Discover how you can become active on your own and with fellow travelers.
During the simulation you make decisions that can be adapted to the changes in your life circumstances.
Explore the impact of your decisions on consumption, diet, investments, travel, housing, and mobility.
Find out where your limits are, what effect your actions have and what comes easy to you.
Use the opportunity to communicate with other participants, exchange ideas and have discussions.
Initiate action, vote on political measures and experience the positive and negative consequences, both for yourself and your fellow travelers.
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