Progress Despite Holiday Season

Despite the holiday season and some well-deserved time off for our team members, we have had steady development progress over the last few weeks:

  • Indication of personal electricity consumption, incl. how much of it is „green electricity“ from renewable sources.
  • „Report“ function in chat
    Chat messages that violate our community rules can soon be reported by other participants and moderated by our community team.
  • Optimised appearance and behaviour of the chat function
  • Automated conditional events
    When reaching, falling below or exceeding certain values in the simulation, certain events can now be triggered. For example, we can play out news from the simulated world to participants when certain critical values are reached without having to do this manually. Example: The warming in the Alps exceeds x degrees. Automatic message: „The Alpine marmot has become extinct in nature due to heat stress. The heat-sensitive animals were unable to leave their burrows for longer and longer periods during the day and were thus less and less able to accumulate enough fat for their eight-month hibernation. The last specimens of the formerly common animals can still be marvelled at in some zoos.“
    This allows us to show many more such reports, which makes the course of the simulation more vivid.

In September, the project phase funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation for the Environment) will start, in which we will incorporate many more possibilities for action and, above all, vivid visualisation into our software. We also plan to redesign it to reflect feedback from our simulation runs so far.

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