Climate-active employees in under 4 hours

Join our mind-altering interactive climate time travels via guided online simulations for up to 30 people.

Over 1,000 people have already experienced with ClimateTimeMachine how the climate crisis will affect them and what they can do about it

Over 1,000 people have already experienced with ClimateTimeMachine how the climate crisis will affect them and what they can do about it

You want your climate transformation to be successful, fast and cost-effective? For this to happen, your employees must make climate protection their own concern.

This is what a climate time travel workshop with ClimateTimeMachine does.

ClimateTimeMachine is a science-based online simulation. It allows a group of participants to experience and influence climate change in fast motion. How so?

Over the course of the simulated time, the participants repeatedly make personal lifestyle decisions and vote on social measures.

ClimateTimeMachine directly simulates the climate and cost impacts and vividly depicts the consequences.

ClimateTimeMachine reduces the spatial, temporal and emotional distance to the climate crisis. It motivates participants to act courageously for climate protection – personally and in their companies.

Use this treasure! A facilitated sustainability training as a four-hour climate time travel with up to 30 participants of your choice costs only

  • €3,000 for commercial enterprises,
  • €1,500 for NGOs and educational institutions,
  • €750 for schools.

Of course, we also offer attractive quantity discounts.

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Climate and software expertise for your climate transformation

Climate and software expertise for your climate transformation

After 30 years in the IT industry, we founded SCIARA as our contribution in the fight against the climate crisis. Our team is developing ClimateTimeMachine, an effective online climate awareness tool for companies, organisations and educational institutions.

We are advised and supported by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU) and the German Society of the Club of Rome.

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When climate transformation becomes your employees’ concern

When climate transformation becomes your employees’ concern

Broad acceptance and support from you employees are prerequisites for the transformation to carbon zero. This holds for enterprises as well as for organisations and for society in general .

But change always raises doubts, fear and reluctance. That is why it is important to convince your employees of the necessity, to involve them and to let them recognise and feel self-efficacy.

ClimateTimeMachine can contribute significantly to this task by making climate change tangible and by empowering people for climate action.

Learn more about how ClimateTimeMachine is accelerating the transformation to carbon zero.

Win the Battle for Talent with ClimateTimeMachine

Win the Battle for Talent with ClimateTimeMachine

If your enterprise credibly reduces emissions, it will be measurably more successful in recruiting and retaining employees. Commitment to climate protection makes you as an employers attractive and is a competitive advantage.

Increase your chances of retaining and finding employees! Young talent in particular is becoming more and more environmentally aware. Inspire your employees in a playful way for more sustainability in the company.

Learn more about how MyClimateFuture helps your recruiting. 


In the dozens of climate time journeys that we have already conducted with ClimateTimeMachine, we have repeatedly heard participants say things like “I didn’t know that before”, “now I really understand this for the first time” or “it’s amazing what it does to you when you see the direct connection between your own actions and climate change”.

We regularly ask participants about behavioural changes following their ClimateTimeMachine climate time journey. Statistical analysis shows that a significant proportion of time travellers actually start to cut emissions and most at least start talking about it with their social environment.

For companies, a ClimateTimeMachine climate time trip costs only 100 € per person when the maximum group size is exhausted, for NGOs and educational institutions even only half of that. Compared to other sustainability training offers, this is surprisingly little.

For example, in August 2022, a renowned vocational training academy offered various sustainability courses for well over €1,000 each per participant.

ClimateTimeMachine does not replace the various substantive staff training courses on sustainability, such as those on climate communication, accounting procedures or technical topics.

ClimateTimeMachine, however, offers the following advantages:

  • ClimateTimeMachine is the perfect introduction to the topic for your entire workforce.
    You as sustainability officer get more acceptance, understanding, support, more cooperation and overall more clout.
  • The professional sustainability trainings become more effective if their participants have previously made the topic their personal concern through a Climate Time Journey.
  • Climate Time Journeys with ClimateTimeMachine can be conveniently conducted online and thus also in the Home Office or employees sitting at distributed locations.

At the moment we offer ClimateTimeMachine in moderated workshops primarily for companies, NGOs and educational organisations.

However, we are working on making the system available to the general public in 2023 in an even more playful, stand-alone version. Citizens will be able to take climate time journeys on their own with friends, colleagues and acquaintances at significantly lower cost.

Yes, in large companies it can make sense for internal staff to take over the facilitation of the workshops. Of course, this reduces the price of any climate time trip considerably.

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