The Future Living Conference 2021

Enrolment for SCIARA Participation During the Conference

This form allows you to enrol with us to participate in the SCIARA simulation running during The Future Living Conference 2021.

On receipt of your enrolment, we will send you access data for the SCIARA server and your own user account, as well as the link to the Zoom call, which is always open during the simulation. Please also check the spam folder of your e-mail programme to see whether the confirmation may have been sorted there.

The data provided will be used solely for the purpose of granting access to the simulation and for evaluation in the context of the conference. If you wish to register for future SCIARA simulations in general, please use the registration form provided for this purpose.

We are curious why you want to participate in SCIARA simulations. We may use this text anonymously as a quote on our website.
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