How do you reach students on the subject of climate awareness?

Invite school classes to shape their climate future with ClimateTimeMachine!

Invite school classes to shape their climate future with ClimateTimeMachine!

ClimateTimeMachine is a science-based online simulation in cooperation with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

With it, students experience and influence climate change together in fast motion – similar to an online game. They become aware of their life plans and which of their goals are endangered by the climate crisis. They can test how they can preserve as positive a future as possible for themselves through personal and societal action.

Emotionally touching and scientifically correct

Emotionally touching and scientifically correct

ClimateTimeMachine confronts students with the consequences of their own actions.

Students repeatedly make personal lifestyle choices during their simulated future lives and vote on policies to address the climate crisis.

ClimateTimeMachine constantly simulates and visualises vividly, emotionally accessible and based on scientific models the consequences of decisions.

The students learn a lot about the factual background of the climate crisis. They learn about the nature and effectiveness of individual and societal options for action and discuss them far beyond the direct lesson unit.

Climate time travel with didactic concept

Climate time travel with didactic concept

ClimateTimeMachine comes embedded in adidactic concept provided by SCIARA.

The concept contains free combinable modules for

  • a preparation phase,
  • the actual time travel,
  • a reflection phase and
  • an evaluation phase.

In the preparation phase, the students are introduced to the topic and provided with basic knowledge.

They research emission-relevant key figures and information on their lifestyle and that of their family for later use in the simulation.

The time travel follows the repeated pattern: observe – discuss – adapt – generate questions.

In the reflection phase which can last up to several weeks, students:inside have the opportunity to relate their findings to their real lives: to discuss, to make real adjustments to their lifestyles, to evaluate policy proposals, to perceive their own feelings about the issue – and to document the whole thing in a kind of diary.

In parallel, questions that have arisen or prepared lesson content can be taken up and dealt with in the corresponding subjects. The didactic concept for ClimateTimeMachine makes many suggestions for this.

In the evaluation phase the participants:inside reflect on their voluntarily shared diary entries whether – and if so, how – the simulation participation has changed something in their attitude and actions. Finally, we ask them for their feedback on ClimateTimeMachine.

Time travel facilitators lead into the future

Time travel facilitators lead into the future

ClimateTimeMachine can be used in a variety of ways in everyday school life and at school events.

In a very quick version, one time travel fits into a double lesson. Longer climate time travels can be the centre of project days. In working groups, pupils can deal with the subject intensively.

The system is suitable for students in grades 9-13, as well as for raising awareness among the teaching staff.

Currently, all climate time trips are conducted with a facilitator, whether provided by SCIARA or – after briefing by SCIARA – by a teacher.

Facilitation live or via video

Facilitation live or via video

A prerequisite for participation in the Climate Time Journeys are sufficient PCs, laptops or tablets with internet access for all participants. Installation of software is not required. ClimateTimeMachine runs in any modern web browser.

A projector/large screen/smartboard, a camera, speakers and room microphones are required for climate time journeys, which are moderated by SCIARA via video conference.

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