Register as a Participant in SCIARA Simulations

This form allows you to register with us as an interested party to participate in SCIARA simulations, so that we can let you know when we start running simulations with the public. After that, we will contact you every time we start a simulation that matches your interests.

The data about your interests will only be used for matching you to appropriate simulation runs and will not be shared with anyone outside SCIARA.

If you agree that we may contact you for queries, we may occasionally email you to ask for feedback on SCIARA, our website or simulation runs that you have participated in or that we are planning to run.

What is your own background of experience? What do you honestly dare to do?
We will contact you at the earliest at the given time and then at the latest when we run the first suitable simulation. We assume 5-30 minutes of participation time per day, depending on the level of your communication with the other participants.
We are curious why you want to participate in SCIARA simulations. We mayuse this text anonymously as a quote on our website.
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