About us

Who we are and why we do SCIARA

The SCIARA Founders

Sebastian Kutscha

After letting go of my company Xenium in 2019, I was excited to see what new tasks would present themselves – and then Daniel inspired me with his idea. I am an entrepreneur, consultant and companion with spiritual roots.

Daniel Tamberg

I had the original idea for SCIARA. After more than 25 years as an IT professional, and life-long enthusiasm for simulating complex systems, I have found my purpose in SCIARA. And I am still full of ideas for it…

The SCIARA Implementation Team

The SCIARA team, which is spread all over Germany, consists of specialists for requirements engineering, application design, software development and testing.

We work according to the agile Scrum methodology – every two to three weeks, a new executable version of the SCIARA software is created that can do more than the last one.

This allows us to react quickly to findings and feedback.

The SCIARA Science Partners


Combating climate change is a complex task that can only be tackled with an interdisciplinary approach.

SCIARA therefore works closely with a number of research institutes:

In addition to one of the world’s leading institutes for climate and climate impact research, these are primarily research institutions that study the social and psychological patterns and mechanisms of the transition to sustainable behaviour.

Even an artificial intelligence Institute is involved, which will work, for example, on enriching SCIARA simulations with AI-generated media reports in different “flavours” on events and developments.

The SCIARA Joint Venture

IT Competence Against Climate Change

SCIARA GmbH is a partnership of six medium-sized German IT companies and two individuals. All shareholders share a common passion to use their expertise in software development and project management to do something about climate change and to ensure greater sustainability.

SCIARA GmbH is a non-profit organisation. The distribution of profits is excluded in the statutes of the GmbH. The shareholders have committed to financing the development of a first version of the SCIARA platform.